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2003-11-17 17:24:00; Introduction
I notice that people copy movies all the time, the clothing style, speech, slang, bad habits, but out of all the movies I've seen, there's only one that I found worthy of such a compliment, yet it has failed to make any impact. "Pay It Forward" introduced a great idea to change this world, and although it may sound silly to our fashion and violence oriented race, every little bit helps. Let's try it, how bad could it be to do something selfless for someone? For those of you who haven't seen the film, here's how it works:
You help three people, and ask them not to pay you back with a favor, but rather pay it forward, by doing something nice for three other people, and ask those people to ask for "payments forward". Join pay_it_forward, share your thoughts and ideas, post about what you have done, or what someone has done for you. Post if you need help with something, and post if you can help someone. Let's set this thing in motion!
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